Community Gathering Around Community

Exactly one year after we started this crazy, new adventure, May 1st,
The Banquet Table hosted a family-style, banquet table meal on campus.

Gathering around this generation, local non-profits,
& a few to change the lives of many.

Why did we gather 72 people around a banquet table in the middle of campus? It’s community gathering around community. This generation wants to be a part of something bigger than themselves and to be invited into true community with one another.
Our team spent the month of April inviting students through conversations over coffee to a family-style, banquet table meal that was a free meal for them and a donation drive for their fellow students in the honor of their on-campus Roadrunner Pantry.
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We gave them a prompt

After the meal, we invited them to write about a time that they were thankful for or surprised with a gift of food, whether that was a surprise Starbucks given by a friend in between finals or a free meal provided for in a great time of need.

“I’m thankful for…

The Roadrunner Pantry and The Banquet Table partnering up for this event because literally before this I was starving, not knowing when my next meal was going to be. So thank you, and thank you Jesus for hearing my prayer,” one read. 

The Roadrunner Pantry

Last year, this on-campus pantry gave out 15,000 pounds of food. Any student, at any time, can check out 5 items/day. Every year, both in the Spring and the Fall, we plan to gather around students by hosting a free, warm meal that also serves as a donation drive for the pantry.

Thank you for coming alongside of us in our first full year of operation. Our team, our presence on campus, and our gatherings around this generation, local non-profits, and a few to change the lives of many has happened because of you.

I thank God for you every time I remember you,


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