human trafficking:
when someone uses force, coercion or fraud to illegally profit from someone else’s labor

When trafficking hit close to home, the co-founders of Ransomed Life attended all of the trainings available to become as educated as possible in the commercial, sexual exploitation of minors. While the young lady they love was rescued from sex-trafficking, they recognized that there are many more girls and boys facing that same trauma in our local community today, and they founded Ransomed Life.

“The abuse has taken place in the context of relationships and we believe that healing will also come from relationships.”

Ransomed Life believes in the healing power of relationships. To be cared for consistently and unconditionally is the foundation on which redemption and restoration occur. Ransomed Life provides these encounters through mentoring relationships and weekly events that ‘at-risk’ and confirmed female victims of sex-trafficking are invited to attend.

Becoming a mentor involves a four-week training and a pairing process. Women and girls are paired together through a survey of likes and dislikes (i.e. what do you enjoy doing in your past time?) and a fun day of speed-dating. Girls choose the top three women they connected with during speed-dating and are given a mentor from their list. Even this small step of allowing girls to have a say in their mentee empowers them with a choice and a voice in their life. Once mentors and mentees are paired, mentors are asked to have a weekly dialogue with their mentee and to be face-to-face with them at least once every two weeks. They are also invited to participate in any of the weekend activities alongside of their mentee. These pre-planned activities allow mentors to enjoy and deepen their relationships with their mentees without the pressure of putting on an event themselves.

Every first weekend of a month, Ransomed Life takes their girls to participate in a service project together. Taking them out of their day-to day experience to help others gives the girls new eyes in which to see themselves. They have purpose and significance—their worth instilled back to them. The second weekend of each month is a group counseling session where girls can mutually understand and process the harm they have experienced. Blurred understanding of what has taken place becomes clearer and their voice to choose is slowly given back to them through group and art therapy. The third weekend of each month is a freedom night for the girls. This is a time and place where girls are given the space to be still and hear their true identity spoken over them. The fourth weekend of each month is a fun-filled field trip. The hope is to give pieces of each girl’s childhood back through play and laughter.

Don’t have time to be a mentor? You can be a part of Angels of Hope, women in the city who come alongside of Ransomed Life in community engagement, fundraising events, and more. Even delivering a dozen cookies to a weekend activity is greatly appreciated. Whether you have little time to give or a lot, your support and help are welcomed.

Want to equip Ransomed Life with more opportunities to reach victims of sex-trafficking? Ransomed Life’s long-term goal is to have a home where activities can take place and where girls can rest. They also desire to widen their services or partner with an organization to provide services to young men who have experienced sex-trafficking. For all their endeavors, Ransomed Life operates on donations from the general public. Give today. Ransomed Life is a 501(c)3, and all gifts are tax-deductible.

Click here for behavioral indicators or “red-flags” of sex-trafficking.

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