We believe in this generation of young adults. They are adventurous, ambitious and passionate. They are trailblazers, inventing new ways to make the life they want. They pursue their passions with unrelenting motivation and cherish experiences and togetherness over safekeeping and injustice. As our founder puts it, “This generation will sell all of their goods to go pursue the things that they are passionate about, the things they care deeply about, and they care deeply about causes.”

So the question is: how do we connect their passion with the causes of our city?

So in everything we do, we are asking, “How do we gather around this generation? How do help them connect to the causes of our city with their genuine passion?” We invite them, with their creative minds and innovative skills, to be the hands and feet of making the world a better place for their neighbor. We give them experiences of meeting the needs of those around them through monthly service projects that honor the causes of local non-profits. And we share the stories of local non-profits on platforms they are already on. 

The Banquet Table’s Board of Directors who are gathering around this generation:

Carmel Gabriel
Founder & Executive Director

Rebekah Sanchez

David Galbreath

Jef Snyder