We believe that if we gather around a few young adults, teaching them to give their lives for sake of others, that this will change the lives of many. Our “few” will go do that with their “few” (their friends, those in their circle of influence), who will go do that with their “few,” and the lives of many will be changed. “Many” are those in their circles of influence that they will bring along with them and those whom are daily impacted by the local non-profits they are honoring with their time and talents.

Join us now in changing the lives of many by being a part of our “few”—those that serve with us in monthly gatherings that honor and tell the story of local non-profits.

Upon opening a coffeehouse, The Banquet Table’s mission will multiply as The Banquet Table Coffeehouse will serve as a gathering place in which other ministries and non-profits can gather around their “few.”